Progetto Immobiliare
Via Carlo Alberto, 129
07041 - Alghero (SS)
P.IVA I-02113300905
  (+39) 079979873

Opening hours
From monday to friday
9am/1pm - 4pm/8pm
Saturday morning

Your home in Alghero

Alghero © MAGICA Servizi Informatici Progetto Immobiliare is an estate agency specialised in the sale and letting of properties in Alghero (SS).

The qualified and expert staff chooses and offers you houses and structures to rent or for sale. We have a large choice of properties (flats, penthouse flats, detached houses, commercial properties lands, villas, etc.) situated in different areas of the town and in its neighbourhood. The services of Progetto Immobiliare include consultancy and assistance to help you solve all the administrative matters.

Real estate deals

Sale Flat
Flat pressi centro... (terrace) pressi centro...
Apartment of about 110 square meters, ...

Sale Flat
Flat ampio appartamento in zona residenziale (outside) ampio appartamento in zona residenziale
A short walk from downtown, apartment ...

Sale Flat
Flat In zona residenziale, edificabile! (outside) In zona residenziale, edificabile!
In a residential area, apartment with ...

Sale Flat + Mansard flat
Flat + Mansard flat zona Carrabuffas (living room) zona Carrabuffas
Carrabuffas area ... recent construction ...

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